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The fresh breath of air
that’s always around

Nothing refreshes the mind, body and soul like a breath of fresh air. Swaas through its integrated portfolio of sustainable home and lifestyle products is here to offer the same peace and rejuvenation, on an everyday basis.As a brand that has evolved consciously over the years,we believe in making respectful connections that work together harmoniously to create a better, more sustainable tomorrow, for all of us.

Sustainability, in today’s times, should be viewed not as a luxury but as a basic need by every brand that’s looking to flourish responsibly because without a present that rests solidly on the cornerstones of sustainable practices, our future will exist only as a faint shadow of what we imagined it to be.

Sudha Anand

Why choose Swaas products?

Sustainable Luxury

In mood for greater good

At Swaas, we offer home linen that doesn’t just add value to your life but is also infused with values that uphold and encourage sustainability. Adoption of fair trade practices across functions, has helped us achieve better and higher standards of quality in everything we offer without compromising on social and environmental accountability.

Non toxic dyes

No charm in harm

Certified for OekoTex 100 standards, every offering from Swaas is made with sustainably made dyes that are tested and approved by experts at OekoTex- the last word on testing and certification for harmful substances in textiles- as safe, home-friendly products that pose zero health risks for anyone and everyone using them.

Women centric

A culture we love to nurture

A workforce made of 60% women is one of the many initiatives by Swaas that involve innovative use of sustainable practices in order to create safe, positive work spaces that foster better creativity and effectiveness, on a day to day basis.

100% cotton

Sure for pure

All our products are made from Indian Cotton in yarn counts 40’s Ne & above while our linens are made of combed cotton, derived from long staple cotton fibre, a compostable, eco-friendly fibre that’s known to last onger, look more premium and offer more comfort to homes while also proving to be preferred choice for sustainable fabrics.

Ethically made

An oath for greater growth

Swaas has deployed various employee welfare measures that include but are not limited to minimum pay levels as prescribed by GOI, ESI, PF, medical insurance and more such benefits that allows our people to grow through equal opportunities. Our sensitised approach has helped us build a passionate and productive workforce that’s integral in promoting ethical work-place practices which help us further create a sustainable culture that everyone is proud to be a part of.